R12 Charities

R12 Charities

R12 Charities is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing generous and timely automotive repair and maintenance assistance to those in need. 

Problem being solved?
Those living in poverty or who are disadvantaged don’t have the resources to acquire generous and timely auto repair and maintenance assistance. 
How are you solving it?
R12 wants to completely alleviate the stress of owning a vehicle by letting the client focus solely on family and financial activities. 
Why are you qualified?
R12C receives clients from a network of local poverty-alleviation agencies. These clients must be currently involved in a deliberate and directed program with the goal of exiting poverty soon. 
What is the urgency?
Poverty is a real and growing problem in the United States. More and more Americans do not have the resources to meet basic needs having zero accumulated wealth and insufficient means to obtain the help they need.

Project Manager
Kevin and Kristin Vannorsdel

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