R12 Charities

R12 Charities

R12 Charities is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing generous and timely automotive repair and maintenance assistance to those in need.

R12 Charities (R12C) strives to provide services that are:

R12C provides assistance to those in the Denver area who are unable to afford necessary auto maintenance and repairs.

R12C takes the hassle out of connecting donors to those in real need by doing all the necessary legwork. Contributors know their dollars are having the maximum impact in the lives of others

R12C generously meets the needs of those it serves. R12C in turn, relies on the tax deductible gifts of those who desire to help others in their community with automotive repair/maintenance needs.   


Please visit our website at   www.R12C.org for more information

Project Manager
Kevin and Kristin Vannorsdel

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