Christian Adventure Ministry

Christian Adventure Ministry

Who Are Waffle and Dr. Val Lomilo?

Dr. Val graduated as a veterinarian from OSU and WSU in 1988. While serving in 2 short term trips to Africa, she developed a deep love for the African people and could sense that the Lord had designed her to be a village veterinary missionary. She worked for 2 years as a dairy vet and completed a graduate Bible certificate then returned to Africa full-time in 1992. For 25 years she has served as a vet missionary in Uganda, with the Sebei, Teso and Karamojong tribes. Amazingly, God provided the perfect husband for her, and in January, 2013, she married Waffle Lomilo, a pastor to pastors. He sold everything he owned, and moved out to Africa with her. They are now working together to disciple the many new believers in the villages of Uganda.

Our Ministry Strategy

God's love endures forever (Ps.118:1) This is the message of hope we bring through our words and lives, to the villages in Uganda. Using veterinary skills and discipleship classes we reach out to the local warriors, herdsmen and traditional healers to share about the love of the Good Shepherd. Following Christ's example of a wholistic life ministry, we meet practical community needs (the Great Commandments of Love), disciple new believers (the Great Commission) and live an intentional, incarnate life, as much as we can, in the rural villages of Uganda (joining the Great Community). We desire to show God's love practically, drawing people into His presence to love and serve Him.


Our Ministry Parters

We both, Waffle and Dr. Val, love to work on teams!  God has provided an amazing CLIDELogo FINALindigenous group of believers, for us to pour our lives into, and serve side by side. This is the CLIDE Consultancy Team. Twelve members, multiple professions, all dedicated to using their professional skills, integrated with their spiritual life, to bring transformation to the villages of eastern Uganda.


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Our Ministries 

 Together with CLIDE Consultancy, we have 6 main ministry areas:

1. Spiritual Growth: Discipleship through Chronological Bible Stories, Bible Clubs, Pastoral Training

2. Animal Health and Husbandry: Training of Community Animal Health Workers, Livestock Revolving Loans for the poor, Aquaponics (Aquaculture combined with Hydroponics)

3. Natural Resource Development: Agro-forestry, Sustainable Use of Natural Resources, Herbal Veterinary Medicine Development

4. Peace Ministry: Peace Building, Joint Sustainable Livelihood Initiatives, Joint Social Service provision (water, health, education, roads)

5. Education: Child sponsorships, Scholarships, Vocational training and guidance

6. Health and HIV. Village Health Teams, village clinic

7. Micro-Enterprises and Micro-Finance. These are integrated into the other ministries.


See our peace video: 




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