Angela Thompson Benevolence Fund

Angela Thompson Benevolence Fund
creating an atmosphere for healing

—spirit, soul and body—

hope for wholeness

empowering people to take action and give their body what it needs to heal itself

so that they can make the difference they were created to make in this world and

thankful to still be on this planet! J

This fall we have been in Virginia helping Ben and Reagan with their two little ones. Our stay has been extended due to a surprise heart issue that I faced. After four trips to the emergency room and three hospital stays, I’m recovering well.

It’s been a little traumatic to say the least. On one ambulance trip to the ER my heart rate spiked

to 274. The paramedic said that 300 is as high as it goes. I’m thankful to still be on this planet. J

We will be in Virginia a while longer for follow-up with the doctors here and until I can travel safely.

Needless to say, I’ve been quite weak, but am steadily regaining my strength. And am so thankful for life!

As I recover from the heart issues, I am also beginning treatment for a recurrence of breast cancer.

I am so thankful that God designed the body to heal itself—if it has what it needs. Please pray for wisdom in knowing exactly what my body needs—spirit, soul and body— to heal itself.

As you can imagine, the cost of the medical care for the hospitalizations, ambulance trips and follow-up—and for the coming treatment for breast cancer—is in the thousands, even after insurance.

A dear friend has set up this Benevolence Fund through New Horizons to help with these expenses.

Would you like to help?

We would be ever so thankful!

Recently, when a friend called to say that they wanted to give to this benevolence fund, the tears flowed as we realized that we are not alone in this sea of expenses—which we initially estimate to be between $40,000 and $50,000.

we don’t see who gives—all gifts are anonymous—so, we want to thank you now for your gift!

with expectant and thankful hearts for His healing and provision…

angela and alex

Project Manager
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