Multiplier Ministries

Multiplier Ministries

Larry-HargraveMultiplierMinistries is giving individuals in North America direct access to the benefit of a proven approach that has previously only been available in foreign countries or through training in missions organizations and select churches.

The potential of individuals, ordinary, everyday people, to become multipliers, is what this ministry project is all about.

On the website,, the information and instruction is available and accessible for individuals to become multipliers and impact their workplace, their community, and even how their church does outreach and missions. The results will be increasingly seen in changed lives and Kingdom-building movements.

Contacting us from the website with a message that you are joining us in prayer for this initiative will be greatly appreciated. Clicking on Join Our Mail List in the footer opens an email subscription signup opportunity to receive updates and announcements.

Help us tell others. Help us as we coach others. Help us connect with Christ followers who have access to businesses, organizations, and churches.

Yours to Make One into Many,

The Multiplier Ministries Team

Project Manager
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