Navarretes on a Mission

We are committed to encouraging the local church body (2 Tim 2:2) and making disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:18) who will train others to train others (reproducing disciples) while asking the Lord of the Harvest to bless with Spirit-led Church Planting Movements (multiple streams of reproducing churches) of 4 or more generations.


We pray and labor in the harvest towards:

1) One Great Commision

2) 2200 new disciples making disciples and 5700 baptisms or more by 2020

3) 4 or more generations of church plants with multiple streams reaching lost, unengages adn unreached people groups until there is #NoPlaceLeft (Romans 15:19)


Our charitable purpose is to reconcile broken homes, broken marriages, and families back to God through:

1) Ambassadors sharing the wonderful message of Jesus, reconfiling broken homes to God and training the saved to share this consolation with others (2 Corinthians 5:17-21)

2) Discoples of Jesus who model how to go, make disciples of the nations, baptize and obey (Matthew 28:18-20) & who train on 4Fields Go, Grow, Gospel, Gather, Guide (Mark 4)

3) Practive time with trainers who MAWL (Model, Assist, Watch, Launch) for redeemed families as they labor in the harvest and find the lost (Luke 10) (Luke 15)

4) Gatherings in homes (houses of peace) where 3/3rds, T4T is modeled (Acts 2:37-47)

5) Prayer, moral support when persecution comes for making disciples of Jesus (Matt 5:11-16) (John 17:20)

6) Serving the local church (the Bride of Christ) with 4Fields/T4T trainings.

7) Encouraging and helping Christians with a heart for reaching families in brokenness

8) MAWL (Model-Assist-Watch-Launch) 4Fields/5 Part (Go, Grow, Gospel, Gather, Guide)

9)Raising up Timothy's who catch the vison for training others until #NoPlaceLeft

10) Facilitating Team Church for Trainers (Timothy's) on a seperate night of the week with the goal of seeing a Spirit-led church planting movement of 4 or more generations

11) Spending time in the harvest as a family, Andy, Lina, Jacob (12), Josiah (8), Ezekial (2).

12) Harvest time with new believers who are reaching the lost in their own communities.

13) Spending time in the harvest with "Timothy's" who are training other followers of Jesus.

14) SWARM Trainig in the U.S. and Latin America once a quarter on 4Fields/T4T/CPM

15) Praying daily and fasting weekly, asking the Lord fo the Harvest for more laborers

16) Praying for multiple streams of church planst reproducting to the 4th generation adn beyond among the unchurched, unengages, unreached people of N.GA/USA/Americas

Project Manager
Andres Navarrete

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