Shield 616-Rider Greg Francis

Shield 616-Rider Greg Francis
Hi my name is Greg Francis, and on September 7th, I will be riding across the state of Colorado from the Wyoming border south to the New Mexico boarder, a distance of over 330 miles, to raise money and awareness to the Shield616 cause. 

Each day, or police officers put their lives at risk in order to protect and serve the public.  While officers are equipped with basic issue armor that will stop small caliper weapons, most police forces do not have the budgets to outfit all officers with armor to stop high caliber weapons.  The Shield 616 program was founded to provide the necessary equipment to officers to keep them safe, and also provide a support group and community outreach program for the officers.  Every 1,000 dollars raised will outfit one officer with the Shield 616 package.  

Thank you for your consideration in contributing to this great cause to raise awareness as the team bikes across Colorado!  For more information about Child 616, please visit

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