Experience God Project

Experience God Project

Experience God Project's purpose is to help more people experience more of God in everyday life.


What does it mean in everyday life to do what Jesus did and greater things?  What does it look like for each of us to preach the kingdom, heal the sick and cast out demons in practical ways in our different roles, gifts and abilities?  What does the Bible have to say and what have people experienced throughout history of God’s intimate, loving presence and power?  What does this look like in my life?


After over a decade of fulltime pastoral ministry shaped by these questions, we're focusing a season on researching and going deeper into them.  Part of this is doing a PhD on a Reformed Charismatics.  Part of this is in working alongside church leaders who are doing what we're researching.  And the final piece is giving it all away to pastors, leaders and others globally.  For more information on our research and ministry please visit gregmillikan.com

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Greg and Alison Millikan

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