Awakening Artists

Awakening Artists

Cindy Limbrick is the Founder and Visionary Director of Awakening Artists. She is also an international arts consultant and motivational speaker. Cindy's passion is to help the creatives of today understand how their art can make a difference in this broken world.  Cindy is the author of Saying Yes...a call to both the artists and the church to understand the invitation from the Creator. (Book is listed under author name Cindy West) Through her global travels, she encourages artists to believe, create, and "say yes" to the call to  which all artists are invited. Additionally, Cindy is the Curator of Fireside Gallery located at  Woodmen Valley Chapel in Colorado Springs.




Awakening Artists helps artists
explore their hearts and journeys, addressing questions like "Who am I?" and “How can
my art make a difference?”

Awakening Artists challenges
artists to adopt a bigger picture
perspective and to use their
art as a means to give a
voice to the voiceless.

While the artists of old created
in isolation, Awakening Artists
believes the message for
the artist of today is to learn
from and live in community.





Project Manager
Cindy Limbrick

Colorado Springs, US

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