M.U.S.T. (Mentoring Urban Students and Teens)

M.U.S.T. (Mentoring Urban Students and Teens)

Life Out of the Trap’s Mission: to help young men who are at risk of dropping out of high school to successfully complete their secondary education, graduate on time, obtain a four-year college degree, mature as a man, and reach their full potential.  CLICK HERE TO VISIT OUR WEBSITE

The Problem

In 2007 Johns Hopkins University released a groundbreaking study in which they coined the phrase “Dropout Factory.” The study revealed that more than 1 in 4 high school students were dropping out of high school. On average, each high school dropout cost the nation $292,000. Learn More»

A Solution

Careful studies have shown that quality mentored young people have fewer absences from school, better attitudes toward school, fewer incidents of hitting others, reductions in substance abuse and other high-risk behavior, better relations with peers, and more positive attitudes about helping others. Quality mentoring works! Learn More»

The Cost

It is estimated that a high school dropout will cost the country an average of $292,000 over the course of their lifetime in healthcare, welfare, criminal justice costs, and lost taxes. Saving just one youth from dropping out of high school will more than pay for The Mentoring Program. Learn More»


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