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Fresh Canvas LLC is honored to be the Febuaray 2017 recipient of The Jefferson Award for our outstading service to our community.
We are humbled to recieve this distinguished award.   
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About Fresh Canvas

“‘Fresh Canvas’LLC name is meant to help us each to consider ourselves a masterpiece ... an inspired work in progress,” said Jo Peters. “The clinic offers confidential counseling, assessment, referrals, area resources, group support, life coaching and educational materials.”

There is no paid staff, all counseling is done volenteraly by Jeff & Jo and our clients do not pay for any services they recieve.

They help individuals build healthy relationships, fulfilling marriages and meaningful parent-child relationships. People they can’t help are referred to other programs that can.

About Jeff and Jo Peters

Jeff and Jo Peters married for 32 years, live in Wisconsin Rapids with their 17-year-old daughter. Their son, 25, goes to University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point recently married in June 2015.

We are sensitive to those who hesitate to seek counsel and want to offer the most comfortable, non-threatening place to go so more people will find the help they need. We believe we are uniquely gifted through our own life experiences to show genuine compassion and are willing to give what we have to offer.”


Jeff recently retired from Associated Bank, NA in January 2016 and we are now able to pursue our dream of counseling on a full-time volunteer basis. 

What you can do to help

Fresh Canvas LLC always is looking for prayer and donations.

Please make consider making a tax-deductiable donation at our website 


Project Manager
Jeff and Josaphine Peters

Wisconsin Rapids, US

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