Trellis - Ashley Anderson

Trellis - Ashley Anderson

Partner with me and support my ministry work with Trellis!

Trellis is an emerging non-profit that exists to create a structure for churches to engage the greatest challenges in the city of Costa Mesa - homelessness, cultural integration, and education. 

In my role as Director for the Education Initiative, I coach churches and organizations in how best to serve and engage with Costa Mesa's public schools, as well as connect with school and district leaders. 

Christ followers from many local churches are leading the way to positively impact of all public school campuses in Costa Mesa. As we connect and partner churches with Costa Mesa’s 13 elementary and six secondary schools, we have identified vital needs that compel our attention. The five areas that require us to both care and act include literacy rates, teen mentorship, school staff morale, campus beautification, and parental involvement. 

In just two years, we have gone from adopting 2 elementary schools and 1 high school to now partnering with almost every school in the city. We have gone from a project-based view to a relational impact focus. But there is still much to be done to ensure the next generation is academically successful and becoming all God created them to be. It is my desire to do this work with Trellis full-time and I am excited to collaborate with you in advancing our efforts to pray, engage, and love others well in Costa Mesa. We are truly better together, as we build commUNITY.


"There are very few places in our country where a city invites the church to assist in meeting its most significant challenges. Through Trellis, the unique combinations and traditions of each congregation are celebrated and honored, empowering us together to be and act as the Body of Christ for our city. As a result, Trellis has become an integral part of Christ Lutheran Church & School's local mission effort."

Dr. Mike Gibson
Lead Pastor, Christ Lutheran Church
"If you give, you will receive. Your gift will return to you in full measure, pressed down, shaken together, to make room for more, and then running over."  - Luke 6:38



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