Voice of the Martyrs Korea

Voice of the Martyrs Korea

Voice of the Martyrs Korea (VOMK) is dedicated to learning from and assisting the persecuted church worldwide, with a special emphasis on North Korea.  They believe that the NK church will become the catalyst for spiritual examination, repentance, and renewal in Asian and Western Christianity, with North Korean defectors serving among the leadership.

VOMK is located in Seoul, South Korea, but work with North Koreans all over the world!  They were started by Pastor & Dr. Foley over ten years ago and were originally known as Seoul USA. When you donate to VOMK through New Horizons Foundation, VOMK will keep you updated on one of the 20 different ministry projects that they do.  Each month you will receive important updates and prayer requests on how God is moving in the lives of North Koreans all over the world.  Please provide your e-mail address to ensure that you receive these updates when you click through the donation process.

For more information on the above North Korean projects and our other projects around the world, visit www.vomkorea.kr.



Project Manager
Pastor Tim Dillmuth

Seoul, KR

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