Moved in Heart Ministries

Moved in Heart Ministries - Thailand;  We work with Breanna's House of Joy, a girls home for tribal girls being discipled to be leaders in their society, D1 Leadership Academy- a newly developing ministry to launch graduating High School girls into University and college settings with discipleship and also village outreach which is always a main focus utilizing story-telling techniques to foster discipleship in an oral society, training about human trafficing, and village developement.

Moved in Heart Ministries –INDIA -  We are Project Managers . This ministry to India incorporates two works registered with the Indian Government in Karnataka State.

Mountian Ministries directed by Francis and Esther is focus on: Discipleship through Bible-Storying techniques, Story-telling trainings, outreach to Leprosy villages, and House Church planting. Esther teaches tailoring to over 50 students while sharing Christ to them.

Dr Gerard's Ashraya Trust ministry operates Home for the elderly, untouchable caste children's homes, rural and urban medical clinics.


Project Manager
Bradford Z Stoddard

Chiang Mai, TH

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