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Earth Angel

Earth Angel

Imagine finding yourself in a situation where the life has you pushed against the wall.  You are struggling to provide the basic necessities; housing, food, transportation and even possibly compounded by a medical issue.   You’re alone, support systems are either non-existent or inadequate; desperation moves in.  To some extent all of us have faced life’s challenges and have had a hard time visualizing how we’re ever going to get through it.  You need help, an Angel to come along side you to help you through it.   EarthAngel’s mission is to come along side people and provide the encouragement and help to see them through to the other side.  Certainly there are financial needs to be addressed, but EarthAngel desires to go beyond just writing a check.  We want to connect with these individuals or families on a personal level, providing assistance whether it be financial, physical, or emotional. Most importantly we aspire to see the birth and/or growth of their spiritual life.   We are all about leading people into His Kingdom!

EarthAngel not only comes alongside those in need, but also those who is of similar heart and seeks to meet the needs of people around the globe.

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