Discipling Partners

Discipling Partners

Discipleship Ministry


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Forum of Four
The Forum is a small group activity that meets weekly for the purpose of Bible study and fellowship. One verse is assigned per week and each participant comes prepare to share from their verse analysis form prepared beforehand. The forum form consists of a word/verse study along with several application questions designed to take people deeper into the scriptures. Each participant agrees to attend on a consistent basis and to preserve an environment that is safe and confidential. A group consist of three participants and one leader. Discipleship principles are stressed and members are encouraged to form groups of their own to multiply the process.


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 Journey Groups
A Journey Group is an opportunity for participants to go deeper into their life experiences in a safe small group setting. This is a journey of discovery looking at people and events that have left imprints on our hearts. The goal is to gain greater understanding and appreciation for our individual stories as well as an increased awareness of grace and a deeper intimacy with the Author of our story. A group consists of six participants and two trained leaders.



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Embracing Gods Truth
These groups gather weekly to share their study, discoveries, questions and applications of God’s truth for their lives.  We use assigned Scriptures to memorize, verse analysis questions for “homework” - then come together to share.  The sessions are interactive - not lectures.  We set a safe and confidential environment as we share our lives and challenges in light of these truths. We seek to move from just head knowledge to a deep and practical heart knowledge and application for our lives.  Trusted friendships are formed, good study skills increased, and personal understanding and “ownership” of God’s Word for us grows. It is a strong disciple making process!

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