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International Medical Mentoring

Ophthalmologist, pastor, and educator for over 25 years, Dr. Glenn Strauss and his wife Kim have dedicated themselves to providing medical education and building successful medical teams in developing nations. Projects include front line work in new developments in cataract surgery for developing nations, advocacy for medical education, and provision of basic equipment to support educational goals as needed. Dr. Glenn has had a focus in Africa for the past 6 years with previous experience in Central America and the middle east.

Tyler Garden Oasis

Vision: Our vision is to encourage fellow ministry workers in their spiritual development by supporting them during critical transitional and restorative seasons of life. We believe a safe, supportive, enriching home environment and mature fellowship in Christ are essential when faced with the challenges of change. “For as we share abundantly in Christ sufferings, we share abundantly in comfort too” 2 Cor.1:5
What we offer: We have served the Lord together in both church and international missions work since 1975, Glenn as an ophthalmologist, musician, and pastor-teacher and Kim as a homemaker, artist, and teacher with a love for children and cooking. We both know the challenges of the life of missionaries, pastors, and pastor’s wives and families. We offer our home and our hearts to those who are in a season of transition or who need respite care. We specialize in spiritual formation and restoration using coaching, counseling, our home environment, and various activities to promote openness to the Lord. LEARN MORE

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Dr. Glenn and Kim Strauss

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