Lyle Horn Memorial Fund

Lyle Horn Memorial Fund

Lyle Horn Hunter HornLyle Horn died of a massive heart attack.  His son Hunter is 7 years old.  This fund is set up to provide for future education and any future medical needs that Hunter may have.

"Lyle was a true cowboy, who carried a big loop and rode a very willing horse. A gentleman on horseback, he had a heart as big as the Western sky. He was kind, generous and always willing to help anyone who needed it. He cut a wide swath through life with a warm smile, heartwarming laugh and infectious love of life, branding the hearts of family and friends forever with his unique personality. Lyle worked hard, played hard and was a good coworker, great father, devoted son and brother, and rambunctious uncle. His fearless love of life, winning smile, courage in the face of adversity and loyatly will forever light the lives of family friends." Source: The Fence Post News (

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