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We believe that a community or city is changed when God's people are activated in unified gospel initiatives. 

The ACTS Group is a consultancy made up of gospel-based activators who are proven, fruitful leaders in their areas of expertise.  We provide guidance, training, and outcome tracking that unites leaders to engage their local community and the spheres of cultural influence of the city with the gospel.

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ACTS Group has four strategic organizations supporting . . .

PRAYER / CityPRAYSClick Here to Visit CityPRAYS Website 

SERVICE / Serve UnitedClick Here to Visit Serve United Website

LEADERS / ConvergenceClick Here to Visit Convergence.World Website

GOSPEL / Gospel X

GIVING TO THE ACTS GROUP SUPPORTS ALL OF THESE STRATEGIC ORGANIZATIONS - if you would like to support a specific strategic organization, please note this in the comments/request box as you donate.


The church as an organization and the good news of life in Jesus has become a side show or no show in many communities and cities.  The ACTS Group serves as a third party catalyst to mobilize the Church to bring the gospel back to the center of community and cultural conversation.  It is time for the Church, as many diverse congregations of believing people, to reengage culture and communities with this essential gospel message:

Everyone deserves to know that the one true God exists, that God created humanity to live in relationship with him, and that individuals come into a personal relationship with the one true God through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ.  In this personal relationship, people are made whole and become transformers of communities and cultures in ways that bring the goodness and the invitation of God to every person.  

One Church expressed through many congregations within a community can show and share this transforming gospel message once again.   The ACTS Group exists to catalyze, coordinate, encourage, & mobilize believing people to be strategically engaged, until the gospel has saturated and transformed lives, communities and cultures.
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