Carlton Landing Academy

The Academy

Carlton Landing Academy is a private elementary, middle and high school designed to inspire, equip, and educate students in grades K-12. Our students have posted some of the highest test scores in the state. Because it is independent of any school district, The Academy is open to all students, regardless of where they reside. Questions?Click HereKids-at-Carlton-Landing-Academy

• A Solid Foundation  –  The Academy’s educational program is built on a solid foundation of the basics—reading, writing, and math. Our students receive direct instruction from their classroom teacher as well as through a highly effective and interactive online education provider.

• Enriching Experiences  –  At The Academy, we believe it’s important to provide a well rounded education that goes beyond standard requirements. We encourage students to explore their curiosity, connect with the natural world, and unleash their creative spirit through fine and performing arts.  WE CANNOT ACCEPT DONATIONS NAMING SPECIFIC CHILDREN OR FAMILIES
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