Kingdom of Ordinary Priests

Kingdom of Ordinary Priests
James and Rolinda McKnightMission Statement: To Raise Up Conventional Income, Generational, Kingdom Laborers to reach and change the world for Jesus Christ.
In 2012, Jim and Rolinda McKnight began experimenting with new methods to advance the gospel of Jesus’s Kingdom (Mat 28.18-20) among military members at Fort Benning, GA. In particular, these new methods included an aggressive call to follow Jesus among all their friends and acquaintances.   As these friends responded to the call to follow Jesus, Jim and Rolinda formed them into a simple house church. Soon, the members of this house church were calling others to follow Jesus. When people responded, they were immediately formed into new simple house churches. The communities began to multiply as more and more people decided to follow Jesus.

By the end of 2014, there were about 40 churches led by “ordinary priests” in the network. These churches spanned seven Army Installations with four instances of strings to the fourth generation from the original church. There had been 85 total baptisms along the way. The network emerged that we now refer to as the Kingdom of Ordinary Priests (KOP).

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