Caring For Those Who Care

Caring For Those Who Care

For the past two decades, I have invested my life in cross-cultural workers, inspiring them to take time and stop, listen, and reflect on their journey. God calls each of us to respond to Him differently, and for some, it's leaving behind family and friends, to move across the world in order to share the gospel to those who might otherwise never learn about a God who loves them. Making this kind of decision comes with sacrifices. I am privileged to come alongside those that have made that decision and provide a safe place for them to talk about the 'newsletter that never gets written'. As they reflect on the journey that God has brought them through, I can help raise awareness of the 'baggage we need to leave behind', or the 'gifts we've gained along the way', or providing tools to discover what God is saying to us through these experiences. 

Stopping to reflect, evaluate, and plan helps us to be better prepared for what lies ahead. How we process and proceed will determine how we will lead others that we are trying to influence. My ministry takes me to various parts of the world where I am able to establish important encounters with so many amazing people who are following the calling God has placed on their lives. But in the midst of their sacrifice, many have also experienced challenges. Challenges such as loss, disappointment, conflict, criticisms, spiritual ups and downs. God doesn't intend us to hold onto those things, but He can definitely use those things to speak to us. 

Please consider joining my partner team. Your donations allow for more people to be helped. My post-graduate counseling courses as well as my MA in Member Care are being put to good use to support God's people in their journeys of responding to His call. You, too, can be a part. If you want to know more about my ministry, please feel free to contact me at or I am currently partnering with OM as their Vice President of People Stewardship where I am leading a team of People Care providers, human resource specialists and trainers who lend encouragement and support to almost 600+ cross-cultural workers who are serving around the world.


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