God's Perspective When Life Hurts is finished!!


Word of God Speak Ministries is thrilled to announce the completion of Darlene Kordic’s first DVD-driven bible study: God’s Perspective When Life Hurts.

Darlene and her husband Craig have been career missionaries for over 28 years. While living in Thailand, they experienced their most difficult days when they saw their 13 year old special needs daughter ravished by demonic oppression and manifestations. It was during this “dark night of the soul” that God began to reveal Himself to Darlene in ways she could never have imagined possible. He used their darkest nights to take her on an amazing journey in His Word that eventually birthed Darlene’s first published Bible study, God’s Perspective When Life Hurts!

Over three years ago, while Darlene was still in the production process for God’s Perspective When Life Hurts, she experienced God’s strong stirring in her heart to begin the research and study for her second study. Three years later, she can hardly wait to formulate what she has learned from His Word into her second bible study. This study will be on heaven, rewards, the final destiny of man, and how our lives on earth will matter for all eternity!

Every gift given to this ministry will be used toward the outreach of God’s Perspective When Life Hurts or the video taping and production costs for Darlene’s next Bible study.

For more information about the ministry and God’s Perspective When Life Hurts, please check out Darlene’s website at http://wordofgodspeakministries.org/.

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