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Merry Christmas from Kica Tranforms Ministries!  We are a Ugandan run NGO serving the most vulnerable children in northern Uganda by providing material support, educational opportunities, access to medical care, and trained mentors to child-headed families.  It is such a blessing to see smiles on their faces when they receive needed food, supplies, and school materials.

We'd love to be able to bless the children with a more robust meal this Christmas (with meat!), and a gift to brighten their season.  As you prepare to bless your family and friends with gifts and lovely meals, would you consider blessing the child-headed families in Uganda with the same?

Your contribution of $25 will provide a few small gifts and a healthy meal for a child at Christmas.  But it's not just a gift and a meal, it's knowing that someone cares for them - that God cares for them.  I know they'll feel the Father's love as they receive blessings from you this Christmas.  Feel free to donate to bless mutliple children - we have many in our care!

Thank you,

Jessica Okello and the KTM team

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