You’ve seen the news. You’re aware of the horror and misery. Millions of Syrians have fled their country.  Refugee camps are overflowing. The migrant crisis is overwhelming nations offering asylum. World governments are looking for answers, but there is only One. 

Testimonies abound of refugees meeting Jesus in visions and dreams. It’s up to Christ-followers everywhere to join Him, entering their nightmare with hope. 

We endeavor to:

  • Encourage strategic collaboration between global churches, non-profits and individuals to meet the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of Syrian refugees.
  • Educate, motivate and mobilize the Latin American church to play a pivotal role, leveraging their cultural/physical similarities to Middle Eastern people groups.
  • Facilitate provision of effective evangelism/discipleship tools for Christian refugee workers and new Syrian refugees (i.e. print and visual materials).
  • Establish relationships between refugees and host country sponsors, integrating new immigrants into the local church community.
  • Prepare refugees -- many of whom will return home – to bring the hope of Christ to a nation in ruins. 
  • Promote refugee testimonies worldwide to provide a Christian witness to an observant, unbelieving world. 
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Reed and Janette Olson

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