LifeQuest Couples Coaching - Rod and Charlene Giles

LifeQuest Couples Coaching - Rod and Charlene Giles

LifeQuest Couples Coaching

A Unique Co-Op Ministry Enabling Churches And Missions Agencies To

Create More Impactful Married Couples For Leadership and Influence


 Rod Giles MA and Charlene Giles MA/LMFT 


Rod and Charlene Giles have spent over 25 years in marriage ministry. They felt God's call to work with local churches to develop a dynamic and transformative couples' coaching ministry. Using a unique ministry co-op model they help churches engage in meeting needs of today's marriaged couples.  Churches work together to share the cost of training and supporting volunteer coach couples and the ministry that is behind them. Trained coach couples facilitate small home groups of couples as they work to become a more complete expression of who God made them to be. Couples are drawn into a deeper level of intimacy as they learn more about one another.

Couples who have experienced this life changing ministry use words like "transformative" and "game changing." Co-op member churches are able to quickly launch and build LifeQuest Couples Coaching within their congregations. LifeQuest Couples Coaching is a unique way for churches to impact marriages as well as to reach out to their community.

Rod and Charlene teach, speak and provide workshops for congregations who want to learn how  LifeQuest Couples Coaching can enrich their congregational life and launch leaders to live out their specific purposes.

We Are Unleashing Purpose Together!


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