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What is Allied Aid: Allied Aid is a grassroots organization working to identify and meet the critical needs of refugees in Europe. We have three primary focus areas: bulk aid distribution; seasonal campaigns; and field trips for refugees living in camps.

Our story: Our co-founders — James Faircloth, Natalie Feulner, Haley Sides, Rita Continakis and Lily Kimbel — met during a humanitarian trip working with refugees arriving in Piraeus, Greece. Through shared experiences and love of service, we became fast friends and decided to continue working for the betterment of refugees after we returned home. Since then, our staff has grown to include volunteers from around the world who help connect individuals and donors to our organization and identify ways everyone can make a difference regardless of location, ability or socio-economic status. 

The work we do: Allied Aid recognizes that dignity is more than meeting basic needs. We have a team in Athens that spends time almost daily in camps talking with refugees and understanding their needs. If a 14 year-old confides to our team that she needs a new bra, we work to make it happen. If we hear of a expectant mother, we work to connect her with resources and support for herself and the new baby. Our unique field trips offer small groups a brief reprieve, and allow families and friends to enjoy time away from camp while exploring Greece. 

Since our inception in March 2016, we’ve raised more than $16,000 and successfully collected and distributed more than 1,000 pounds of critical aid including underwear, sunscreen and winter gear and we are well on our way to doubling that effort in 2017.

While we actively work to build programs and processes that scale, we also understand that humanity makes us unique. By getting to know refugees, we can better share their collective stories, raising global empathy. 

Allied Aid focuses on what we all have in common, not our differences and works every day to bring people together.

Our core values: Flexibility: As a small, grassroots group, we’ve seen firsthand the benefit of being able to mobilize and act quickly in this ever-changing crisis

Resourcefulness: Due to our size and small overhead costs, we are able to spend 100 percent of our donations on furthering our mission

Transparency: Donors and investors are our partners with whom we cherish and build strong relationships

Teamwork:  We recognize and accept our individual talents and encourage collaboration with our donors and each other

Global:  While our focus is currently on the crisis in Greece, we are prepared and excited to look beyond Europe’s borders to wherever the need of refugees is in the coming future
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