The Spiritual Need
East Timor is a small country in South East Asia.  Most of the 1.3 million people who live here have never heard the message of the gospel.  

The Physical Need
Being a fifteen-year-old nation, East Timor is in a constant, albeit slow, state of development and growth.  Education, however, is still largely undeveloped.   Young Timorese are seeking Portuguese, English and computer education as the means to a better future. Currently there is not enough language and professional skills training offered in East Timor to meet the demand. 

About Us
My name is Seth Harms.  Together with my three Brazilian teammates, I am part of a church planting team in Dili, the capital of East Timor. We are working to share the Gospel and plant churches here. Our vision is that the Timorese people would have the chance to hear the Gospel and be part of a healthy church. 

In response to the need for quality, affordable language and computer education, we have decided to open a small training center.  The life skills our students will learn will give them an advantage in acquiring scholarships and job opportunities.  Even more so, we hope to see the gospel planted in their lives as we live alongside them daily.  

The training center will also provide us with work visas.   Living in the community through a legitimate, credible outlet will give us an authentic role within society.  This helps us win favor in the eyes of the government and the broader community.  It will also give us a genuine environment to interact with students and invest in Timorese lives. 

We plan for this center to generate a sustainable income to support our ministries.  We hope that in the future it will support the local church, blessing them with financial independence and resources for ministry. 

What is a “training centre?”
We will offer English, Portuguese and computer courses to Timorese students. We will also employ a Timorese Tetun language teacher in addition to other Timorese support staff. Our hope is that the school can grow to offer additional courses such as job skill development, customer service, and business ethics. 

How can you get involved?
Our team recognizes that our presence in East Timor depends entirely on your generosity and God’s blessing. We are incredibly thankful for the time of ministry we have already had here, and we ask that you prayerfully consider investing in the continuation of our ministry here. 

Project Manager
Seth Harms Ronaldo Fernandes Teixeira

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