Collegiate Advantage

Collegiate Advantage

The Collegiate Advantage was founded in 2016 by Ed and Beth Franks to help college students minimize and deal with the D.R.A.M.A. in their lives by sharing the good news about Jesus Christ as Savior and help them to develop a solid foundation for spiritual growth and scriptural maturity. This will be achieved through consistent time in the Word and engaging in a strategic discipleship process so they can experience Jesus as Lord and King.

For the past 24 years in business ownership, managment, and ministry we have had the privilege to hire, train, and work with many young men and women who wanted the best for their lives, but had a hard time achieving the best. What we have discovered is that many young people do not have a compelling vision for their lives or if they do, they do not know the best pathway to see their vision become reality. We seek to help them define and pursue their vision and reduce the D.R.A.M.A. that keeps them from achieving their vision.

We define VISION as a picture of a more preferable future that causes one to perform.

And the areas that can hold them back:

DecisionsAre their decisions wise and getting them closer to their vision or further away?

Relationships. Are they honoring the people in their lives and are these people helping them to grow or regress?

Attitude.  Are their attitudes healthy and productive?

Maturity. Are they growing in wisdom or just getting older?

Altitude. How they handle the first four, determines how close they get to the vision.

We believe that college students are going to grow in four areas: physical, intellectual, social, and spiritual (Luke 2:52). Most universities provide opportunities to grow in the first three, but are lacking in the fourth. We feel that it is a tremendous advantage for students if they explore the claims of Christ for themselves and make an educated and heartfelt decision to believe in Him and to follow Him. As they grow in their relationship with Jesus, we want them to see themselves as ambassadors for Christ and disciples who make disciples (2 Cor 5:20; 2 Tim 2:1-2). 

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