Rachel Dewey Memorial Fund

Rachel Dewey Memorial Fund

Rachel Dewey lived life abundantly – a heart full of passion and purpose, an intense love for people and learning and adventure. And when she could combine all those things – pure joy.

A deeply committed lifelong learner, Rachel Dewey was a teacher, mentor, and visionary leader in her home, her family, her community, her classroom, and the world. Her teaching legacy has touched lives in South Korea, Africa, and the United States where she inspired students of all ages to think deeply, dare greatly, and grow wisely.

On March 19, 2017, she set her lesson planning aside to delight in one of her favorite activities – high adventure skiing with her husband and sons. Rachel died that day living abundantly.

From this tragedy, The Rachel Dewey Memorial Scholarship was created to carry on her legacy and to inspire teachers, both future and current, to pursue the field of education with fervor and determination. Our world needs more teachers like Rachel – wise, full of wonder, disciplined, compassionate, inspiring, and unafraid to live life to its fullest –  to step up, to be “all in” and shape the future in magnificent ways.


Please partner with us. Your contribution will help empower and encourage more teachers, inspired by the legacy of Rachel Dewey, to boldly pursue their calling and to make their unique mark in the lives of students around the world!

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