Christian Endeavor- Coryell Support Raising

Christian Endeavor- Coryell Support Raising

Christian Endeavor exists to inspire, equip and encourage churches to Biblically develop youth as Christ-centered leaders in their youth group, church and beyond.

Young people are walking away from the church and the Christian faith while pastors and youth workers are overwhelmed and burning out. This is true in the US, and in countries around the globe. There is a huge need to help youth and young adults develop a faith that lasts beyond high school. And those on the ‘front lines’ doing ministry – pastors, youth workers, parents, guardians, and churches – need encouragement and support in the work they’re doing. Christian Endeavor is uniquely positioned to meet this immense need.

C.E. was Rebirthed in the U.S. in 2012 with one church joining the movement. Today there are over seventy churches involved with numbers climbing each month. I serve as the Executive Director for this effort in the USA as well as the General Secretary or CEO for Christian Endeavor World. The global ministry is currently in thirty-six countries with plans to continue expansion. By God’s grace, your support allows me to continue the Kingdom work that is touching over ten thousand churches around the world. Your partnership allows more translation work to take place (Nepali and Portuguese were completed this year!), more training and coaching at home and in distant lands, and ultimately more young people being unleashed to use their gifts for God’s glory. Peace!

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