Christian Endeavor- USA

Christian Endeavor- USA
Christian Endeavor helps churches treat youth and young adults less like hippos and more like honeybees

Hippos are consumers. They eat 110 pounds of vegetation every day (that is the equivalent of the average 7th grader!) We’ve worked with hundreds of churches from multiple denominations who love young people, but approach discipleship with a Hippo-consumer mentality. Most of it involves students being passively entertained. And that consumer-based approach to discipleship does not result in deep and lasting faith.

That is why today we see young people walking away from Christ and the church. At the same time, so many pastors and youth workers are overwhelmed & burning out. That is not ok either because we believe the local church is designed by God to be the vehicle that unleashes youth to change the world!

Rather than treating students as if they are Hippo-consumers, we believe they need to be treated like Honeybee-creators. That is how active, living and lasting faith is truly developed. While this is not a new concept, it does require intentionality. Since 1881, C.E. has been providing churches with an intentional, Biblical process that allows them to effectively disciple young people for the glory of God!

Your financial partnership with C.E. helps inspire, equip and encourage local churches to treat young people less like hippos and more like honeybees!

When you make a donation to support C.E., you join our family of generous people who are investing in Kingdom work.

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