SHIELD616-Rider Matt Hulett

SHIELD616-Rider Matt Hulett
I began my Law Enforcement career in October 1995 at the Albany County Sheriff's Office (WY) at the ripe age of 22.  Since then I have worked with the Wheatland WY Police Dept. and Colorado Springs Police since 2000.  In that time I have experienced the deaths of a number of friends, co-workers, and brothers-in-arms due to various circumstances including gunfire.

The fundraising goal of $1000 will outfit one Officer with the proper gear to stop high-velocity rounds from rifles.  The standard "bullet-proof" vests that are issued by departments are not designed to do this and cannot stop rounds from AR-15's, etc...  Life is precious.  I have been to the funerals of Officers who have been shot to death and had to see the faces of family members dealing with the loss of loved ones.  None of these fine Officers probably ever thought they'd go out that way.  The gear that Shield 616 provides greatly enhances an Officer's chances of coming out of a violent confrontation alive.

I thank you for any support that you are able to provide. - Matt

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End Date: 30 September 2018

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