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Our mission: 

Offering medical care to the sick and vulnerable of El Rosario, Guatemala. Through nutrition, education, improvement in living situation, and primary care we hope to point people not to a nurse that saves but to


What we are: We are the medical branch of a non-profit organization, Ordinary Missionaries . This medical ministry was established to serve the needs of a small impoverished village in Guatemala, called El Rosario.

What we do: We combat health problems in four ways: Improvements to living situations, Education, Nutrition and Primary Care. 

Living situations: Fecal matter contaminates at least 90% of Guatemala’s water. Waterborne diseases are among the leading killers of children under 5. 

We give them a water filter. We give them teaching on the importance of using the filter and provide maintenance and cleaning instruction. The filters are given with great intention and education. A main cause of death is related to smoke inhalation, as mothers cook on open fires inside the home. Lung disease is rampant among El Rosario adults. Stoves have been built for families. These stoves have a chimney, directing harmful smoke away from precious lungs. Families are being built new block homes with roofs that don’t leak, toilets that flush, and kitchens that ventilate. These homes are built with local workers, keeping jobs in the hands of Guatemalan men fighting to provide.

Education does far more than prevent disease. The people gain confidence and a greater sense of purpose. They are empowered to take control of their health. We designed the original curriculum, however we will soon be using the CHE- Community Health Evangelism model. This is internationally know and recognized curriculum that has over 7,000 lessons is Spanish and is designed for local community members to teach the classes.  

Nutrition: We started a nutrition program. Before the child enters the program, he or she is first seen by our trusted, Guatemalan pediatrician, including lab work and a fecal test. All education and supplementation given is under the direction of the pediatrician and consultations with a registered dietician. Once all other deterrents of weight gain are ruled out or treated, we feed these babes! We create an individualized meal plan and the mothers pick up their weekly supply of food and Pedia-Sure at Ordinary Missionaries school. Weekly weigh-ins allows us to track each child on a growth chart and adjust meal plans as needed.

Primary Care: We are building a clinic next to the academy! This clinic is similar to a health department, focusing on education. We will host more classes, continue the nutrition program, and have a local doctor available to see patients once a week! The doctor is a local Guatemalan; she is incredibly intelligent and compassionate. The doctor at the clinic is fully assigned the role of providing primary care. All medical assessment, diagnosis, and prescribing is done by a Guatemalan medical doctor. Ordinary Nurses supports the primary care with extensive education, including follow-up home visits.

The medical program uncovered those silently suffering, revealing needs beyond our wildest expectations. The program needed someone to dive in head first. We needed someone full time, in a "give up everything, move 2,000 miles away, and get your hands dirty" kinda way. As the clinic walls went up, the still small voice in our hearts stirred. The path became clear and the calling deep. It was time to dive in. It was time to move to Guatemala!

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Jeff and Karlie Ruiter

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