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Arab youth, especially Christians, face daily challenges amid the tough economic and political situation. These challenges include lack of opportunities and high unemployment rates soaring at 43% among youth. This younger generation is marginalized and faces hopelessness. so this leads to further family problems, suicidal attempts and eventually backsliding from God. The role of the church is weak and fails to attract youth. There is thus, a need for the youth to express themselves and experience personal growth with God in a non-constraining and new environment. Since a great portion of youth doesn’t like to attend a religious meetings or go to church, it is preferable for them to join a social group of their own age group. We took this opportunity to form the youth club and place for them where they can develop their personal level and to grow into maturity in their relationship with God. The strategy is to implement a youth program that appeals to this age segment of 15-19 years old and young leaders in order to share Christ' love with them. Another group of young leaders is formed also to develop their leadership skills in a Christian context so that they will be effective in demonstrating and living Christ. We provide weekly meetings in the  café in Bethlehem that target young people from the surrounding community.  

Connect Café is the hub of our youth ministry. We believe that the future of the Christian community lies in the hands of ouryouth and we seek to strengthen their relationship with Christ and their biblical knowledge so that they may be pillars for Christ in their communities. 

We believe in the role of the local indigenous body of Christ as a catalyst of change within the community, thus we seek to empower it and not replace it. As Jesus said “"You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again?” we seek to lead the change in the society through sharing the love of Christ and His word so that the remnant “salt” would be strong and firm in faith.

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