Solid Oak Project

Solid Oak Project
GOOD MARRIAGE - for many, it's our deepest longing and greatest frustration. Most couples-married and unmarried, in and out of the church- desire a better relationship.  Many are suffering.  They long for a thriving marriage, but they are consciously disappointed with what they have.  All too often disappointment leads to either divorce or to a marital deadness that leaves both partners painfully alone under the same roof.  The damaging effects of dead and broken marriages are well documented.  They are hazardous to every family member and costly at every level of society.  When marriages fail, everyone and everything suffers.  "As families go, so goes the nation." 

The practical solution is life skills and spiritual awakening.  On the surface... most of us need practical training in the basic life skills required to cope with the pressing responsibilities of adult living and the relational challenges of married life.  Little in our educational system or from our often broken families prepares us for either adult life or marriage.  

Beneath the surface, however there is a deeper need.  It is a need for God and for things only God gives.  Although few realize it and many would reject the idea as superficially "religious," the real solution to disappointing marriage is to receive the "new hear" God offers through a devoted relationship with Jesus.  It is only as we receive the new birth- the kind of live, desire, direction and power that come with it- that we have the ability to give the kind of live marriages need to thrive.  Without God, the world, flesh, and devil eventually get the best of us all; and we alienate those closest to us.  If we can combine practical life skills with effective spiritual formation, we can both build thriving marriages and give new life.  The Solid Oak Project is committed to do just this... both in the church and in hte community! 

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