The Sozo Group

The Sozo Group

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We’re an apostolic network that unites the body of Christ for outreach projects that improve the spiritual conditions of our communities.

We’re a grass-roots, marketplace ministry sparking revival throughout SW Chicago by coordinating unity projects that pursue the presence of God and allow for encounters with Him.

By partnering with Christian churches, community organizations and local businesses, we aim to unite the Kingdom of God through grass-roots outreach methods. We desire to reach people with a clear gospel presentation and introduce the Biblical concept of "SOZO," which encompasses the protection of our minds, the healing of our bodies and the deliverance of our souls through Jesus Christ.

The Dellwood Block Party is currently our largest community outreach initiative. Last year, thirteen churches of varying denominations came together in unity for corporate fellowship, worship and to give back to the local community - raising thousands for Lockport Love, the Lockport Resource Center and the Lockport Food Pantries. Over 2,500 attended this event.

The Sozo Group publicizes and supports Christian programming that’s done in unity, often outside the four walls of a church building, aiming to unite the body of Christ and disciple others – most often by utilizing the arts or community groups.

Our latest vision includes opening a coffee shop (Perk Up) and community center downtown Lockport for ministry (Sozo House). See our website for more information:


It is our goal to offer creative/relevant outreach projects that are intended to benefit the community at-large and demonstrate the love of Jesus.

  • Annual Community Block Party (Dellwood Park)
  • Christian Concerts at Local Spots (Youth Center, Roxy Theater, Port Noir Wine Bar, Perk Up Coffee House)
  • Serving the Poor & Destitute (Food Pantries, Sozo Healing & Prayer)
  • Creative Art Activities (Peace by Piece Study, Art Programs for Home-Schooled Children)
  • Youth Rec Activities (Martial Arts, Pray & Play Tourneys, Live Music, Community Service & Land Clean-Up Projects)
  • Small Group & Family Programs (Marriage Support, Parenting Classes, Celebrate Recovery, Divorce Care, Grief Share)
  • Power Evangelism & Leadership Training (Equipping Churches)
  • Church Unity - Prayer & Worship Nights (Collective Events)
  • Prayer Walks & Block Clubs

These are ALL primary examples of opportunities to "be the church" in our local community in order to improve its spiritual condition. We intend to lift up ALL those who've lost hope due to their "circumstances"… that often involve issues of poverty, sickness, depression, addiction, and loneliness.  We plan to introduce the concept of "SOZO" into our communities, which offers the hope they are looking for - salvation, healing, and deliverance through Jesus Christ. A decision for Christ is only the first step.  From there, we intend to offer discipleship programs that would encourage new believers to plug into local churches for ongoing support.

If interested in reading our ministry's entire strategic plan and seeing our detailed budget, please visit our website at

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