SHIELD616-Rider Greg Smith

SHIELD616-Rider Greg Smith
Why I Ride for Shield 616

I'm biking from the northern to southern border of Colorado to raise awareness and to raise funds to outfit police officers with the Shield 616 Armor Package.  Our police officers risk their lives every day and this package can save an officers life and bring them home safe to their family

They are issued body armor and all the equipment they need, right?  I found out that basic issue armor will stop small caliber weapons but most local police forces do not have the budget to outfit all officers with armor to stop high caliber weapons.  Every 1,500 dollars raised will outfit one officer with the Shield 616 package and 100% of the proceeds go directly to Shield 616. Another great thing with this charity is the community outreach between the officers and the community.

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Please join me in supporting the Shield 616 cycling group as we bike across Colorado in September to support those who keep us safe.  The ride will begin on the Wyoming border and end 4 days later September 10th in New Mexico.

Project Manager
Funding Period

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End Date: 30 September 2018

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