SHIELD616-Rider Tim Kippel

SHIELD616-Rider Tim Kippel
I've ridden bikes since I was 6, teaching myself to ride on a Schwinn Stingray with a banana seat. Since 2012 I've really become a "cyclist", riding many of Colorado's classic events. There is a huge sense of satisfaction pushing myself physically out there on the roads and trails here around The Springs. I am stoked to be able to join other cyclists this September as we ride across the state to raise funds and awareness for Shield 616. 

Shield 616's mission to provide lifesaving equipment is so very important. Most Police agencies do not provide their Patrol Officers with gear of this caliber - the very people who will most likely be the first to show up at the scene of an active-shooter. So join with me, for every $1,000 raised an Officer/Deputy/Trooper get's the Shield 616 gear that they need to be confident that going into a crisis they'll be protected. 

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End Date: 30 September 2018

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