SHIELD616-Rider Greg Francis

SHIELD616-Rider Greg Francis

Hi my name is Greg Francis, and on September 7th, I will be riding across the state of Colorado from the Wyoming border south to the New Mexico boarder, a distance of over 330 miles, to raise money and awareness to the Shield616 cause.  This year I will be riding to support Shane Treadaway, an officer in Albuquerque Police Department.  Let me tell you a bit about Shane.  

Shane has been married for 14 years and has 2 kids, Grace is 13, and Tanner is 7.  Shane loves Albuquerque, as a great place to live, raise his children, and train as an avid Triathlete.  Share joined the Police Department in 2010, where he lives and works in the Northeast Area Command.  It is a very busy area, and he works the swing shift, 3pm-3am.  He has seen huge growth in Albuquerque the last 17 years, including the rate of crime.  The FBI recently ranked Albuquerque #3 in the country for violent crime, and #2 for property crime.  Despite the negative public perception over the last 7 years, Shane has seen public opinion sway back in Police favor, although there is always concern of a large scale critical event, such as an active shooter, striking the area.

With over 800 sworn officers, APD is the largest department in the state.  They do a great job training and equipping officers, but Shane is very grateful for the efforts of Shield 616, to ensure that “just okey” is not good enough and is willing to show support with words of encouragement and well as financially.

Thank you for your consideration in contributing to this great cause to raise awareness of Shield 616, and to support Shane, specifically in outfitting him with active shooter gear.  I look forward to meeting our fundraising goals and joining the team as we bike across Colorado!  For more information about the Shield 616 project, please visit


Thank You 


Greg Francis

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