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E320 Ministry

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E320 exists to help Women understand and embrace God’s greatest dream for them. We equip, empower, train and lead Women to allow God to do exceedingly, abundantly above what they could think or imagines, as they are empowered by the Spirit, encouraged by the Word, proclaiming Christ and celebrating Him in all aspects of their lives.


E320 represents the Bible verse found in the Book of Ephesians, chapter 3, verse 20, “To Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that you ask or imagine according to the power of the Spirit that is within you.”

We do this through conferences, seminars and spiritual retreats that are intended to meet women where they are, providing an opportunity for them to understand their life’s mission in Christ and then to be refreshed as they charge forward in their purpose.

As part of what we do, we seek to assist women regardless of their ability to pay for the services we bring them. Therefore, much of what we do is given away for the purpose of helping each woman in their spiritual walk with Christ.

Problem Being Solved?

Women have deep needs as they walk through this life. Spiritual, emotional, and physical concerns are part of just existing. With the added titles of Mom, Wife, Employee, Daughter, Friend, etc. women can become overwhelmed in life.

Some of our attendees will have physical challenges such as needing a home and shelter and spiritual challenges of needing to learn how to trust in Jesus through any type of struggle.

We want women to be spiritually refreshed, with a smile on their face, feeling loved and appreciated by other women, and carrying with them the life changing words of Jesus.

How are you solving it?

We are hosting a spiritual retreat weekend to grow in Christ, take a break from daily problems they may face and Dream big with God.

Our first major event will be this September 15-16, 2017. The goal of this conference is to reach women of all ages, ethnicities, and economic status by pouring into their lives the words of Christ. This will be done through an exciting life altering weekend conference and worship event.

What is being called the ”E320 Dream Weekend” will include Christian speakers such as Proverbs 31 Lisa Allen and Nicki Koziarz, evangelist Marc Owens, and Christian author and conference speaker Rachel Anne Ridge.

This is the first of many conferences, seminars and retreats E320 prayerfully hopes to conduct.

Why are you qualified?

E320 was founded in June 2016 by two Christian business women who had a Kingdom sized Dream. After more than a decade of using their company’s profits to support Christian ministries, Founders Gina Crimp and Christy Powers formed E320 as an official ministry of their company.

What is the urgency?           

Our main goal is to bring women to the event who need spiritual encouragement that only Christ can bring to them.

Some women who attend may be dealing with day to day stresses, while others will have more serious needs such as depression, be coming from places of abuse, homelessness, or dealing with chemical addictions. We believe this event will change them on the inside.

We also want women to attend who need to simply hear the words of Christ and be strengthened by a refreshing fun break so that they may go back to their families as the Christ-exalting disciple they have been called and blessed to be.

Project Manager
Christy Powers and Gina Crump

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