CAM-Famine Relief

CAM-Famine Relief
Posted by Waffle Lomilo on 20 October 2019

Communities receive help, while tractor prepares for next season.

God has helped us to provide food and planting material for over 50 families in Nakayot region, near Mt. Napak, Uganda. The people that live here, the Karimojong, have historically been herders, but many of their animals were stolen over the years by armed raiders. Now they are trying to become farmers, but weather pattern changes are devastating many of them. We provide short term seeds and they can grow their crops quickly, without depending on the long term rain patterns. We are now preparing our tractor for the new planing season, and hope to help them plow and plant enough acres to support their families, with surplus for income for paying school fees and providing medical care for their families. .

God is great!

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End Date: 29 June 2020

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