CAM-Famine Relief

CAM-Famine Relief

Drought has hit East Africa for 3 years in a row. Some of our people in Karamoja are badly effected by Famine.  We provide Food for Work: Restoring dignity to the desparate by providing meaningful work. They can fence schools, paint a church, repair roads, plant trees, etc. Food for the Vulnerable: We help those who cannot help themselves, especially widows and orphans. School Feeding: When famine comes, parents remove their kids from school so that they can search for food for the family: hunting and gathering. If we provide food for kids at school, the families are more likely to send them to school during the famine. Plowing for next season: Failed crops mean no seeds to plant this season, and the people are weak and discouraged. By helping them plow and plant, they can get back into the agricultural cycle, and out of the downward spiral into poverty. They can become self-reliant once more.

Hey: It's $1/day to help feed a family of 5.

For $25, you can provide food for a classroom of 50 kids for a week.

It costs about $50 to plow and plant a field with a family.

Help if you can! Thanks for considering these kids!

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