Orchid Venture, The

Orchid Venture, The
The Orchid flower is such a beautiful creation and represents Love, Beauty, and Strength. Once it has the proper nutrients and care, it blossoms into many shapes and forms, with vibrant colors. Christ has made each of us into a similar creation, calling us all over the world to bring light to his people. He has given us all different strengths to further his kingdom. The Orchid Venture allows for me to use God’s gifts and talents to be a virtual assistant to your project, allowing you more time in the area God has called you to be a part of. With assistance with Donor Management, FDR’s, Compliance, Training, and Social Media Management, you will have time and freedom to reach those that need the specifics of YOUR project. If you are interested in more specifics on how I can assist your project please feel welcome to email me at theorchidventure@gmail.com . Together we bring the Light of Christ by loving those around us, bringing beauty to ashes, and strengthening God’s kingdom.
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