Danyil Kunderenko

Danyil Kunderenko
It started a year ago. Actually, no, about 4 years by now. My son, Danik, was developing scoliosis and we were looking for many places to fix it, and during our attempts to correct that severe scoliosis we visited a reputable hospital in Israel. What a shock it was to learn there that two ribs almost entered his spinal channel creating a huge threat.  Our focus was shifted immediately from correction to literally life-saving event.

So, a year ago Danik was operated and it became possible as a result with lots and lots prayers and support. I still believe that it was a great spiritual journey. For all of us.  I still believe that the two doctors did a wonderful job in October 2016, right after Yom Kippur Day, making it so memorable.

During last year Danik was able to finish high-school requirements and entered the University to study computer science.

However, on October 31st, 2017 my Danik heard a cracking sound and felt burning pain… both of his rods broke… Our doctor confirmed that surgery is needed again (after seeing screenshots of the Xrays made in Ukraine). As rods are not supposed to break… they had to be strong… but it happened now that a year and a few days past operation, we again are facing a need to fly to Israel and face another costly operation.

All together cost adds to  $21,000

We thought we had some savings... but now the question is, ‘What savings?’. When a rod made of strong metal can be broken in one’s body… you think it is wrong. However we know that the Lord does not break. Rods do.

We would appreciate your prayers and support!
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NHF- Darius Rotea

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