The Problem

Here in Hamtramck, MI live thousands of refugees and immigrants from poor and unreached countries. These people need places to live, education, jobs, English tutoring, and ultimately a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.


What do we offer?

We offer as a team of vocational and bi-vocational workers our time, energy, and resources to engage these people, pray for them, love them, and help them find places to live, get an education, get jobs, and learn English.


Why are we uniquely qualified to meet the need?

We are uniquely qualified to meet these needs and engage these people because we have been called by God to do so. We have passion, purpose, and skill in the area of living our refugee friends. Most people care only enough to write a check to help the poor. However, most of us have made sacrifices (i.e. leaving family, leaving jobs, etc.) to be in Hamtramck working with our refugee friends.


Why now?

Before President Obama left office in January of 2017, he left the door "wide open" for refugees and immigrants to come into the US. According to a Pew Research Center analysis of data from the State Department's Refugee Processing Center, over 38,000 Muslim refugees came into the US in 2016. The global refugee crisis is at an all-time high right now (over 16.5 million people displaced globally according to UNHCR), and we in the US have a part to play to helping the least of these.

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