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Thought I would share some good news with you. I recently had lunch with a couple who are interested in helping launch The Rock Transformational House.  Their life has been drastically touched and affected by addiction. 

They have offered a $10,000 donor matching gift to help get The Rock off the ground!  This is great news and I need your help to make it happen.  

Please read below for more details on The Rock Transformational House and how you can participate The Matching Gift program for creative ways you can actually Own a Piece of The Rock!


What is The Rock Transformation House all about?

What we do:  The Rock Transformational House LLC (RTH) is in the business of saving and transforming lives through the power and blood of Jesus Christ!  RTH takes people from hopelessness to purpose.   So many people are lost in their addictions or lack of self-worth, that they are looking to substances or approval from others to fill the void.  

It is said that addiction is "the inability to deal with emotional pain."    

The programs and focus at RTH are geared towards helping people find purpose in their lives with Jesus Christ at the center while living in community with other like minded Believers.    

Targetmarket:  Target market is men between the ages of 40 - 65 seeking community within to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ either coming out of an addiction treatment facility or having a desire to re-center their lives around Jesus Christ .  

Requirements Throughout the program:

·        Weekly Church Services

·        Structured Bible Studies

·        Volunteer work

·        Journaling / Independent Studies

·        Maintain clean and organized bedrooms / home

·        Random drug testing

·        Family involvement 

·        Mandatory attendance at all house meetings.

·        Compliance with all program rules and expectations such as curfew, chores, and participation with the group.

·        *Discounted rates with local Christian Counselors and Therapists

Phase 1:  Identity in Jesus Christ (60 days)

·                    Understand their identity is in Jesus Christ

·                    Develop and deepen their relationship with Jesus as Savior and Lord

·                    Daily programming with a variety of Identity in Christ study materials

·                    Silent retreat experiences

·                    After 30 days, begin attending outside recovery meetings

Phase 2:  Strongholds and Spiritual Gifts  (60 days)

·                    Identify, understand and break free from Strongholds

·                    Discovering Spiritual Gifts through series of testing and exploration

·                    Outside recovery meetings

·                    Skills building (Team building, Problem solving, Relationships, Financial..)

·                    3 Day Expedition Programs

Phase 3:  Calling and Purpose (90 days)

·                    Discovering your God-given purpose and calling

·                    Employment services (employment search, resume, interviewing)

·                    Internship / Employment Program starts after 45 days

·                    Business Mentorship Program

·                    5 Day Expedition Programs

Phase 4:  Apartments

·                    Affordable housing apartment complex for graduates and/or their families

Phase 5:  Post Care Program: (After completion of 7 month program)

·                    Monthly Check-ins

·                    Recovery Coaching

·                    Group Zoom Calls

·                    Annual Alumni Events

·                    Quarterly Alumni Gatherings

Service Work Opportunities (examples below)

·              Denver Dream Center

·              VOC Volunteer Program

·              Vail Work Projects

·              Neighborhood Makeovers

·              Ken Caryl Equestrian Center

·              Ranch work!

·              Tent camping in the summer


·        Safe facilities

·        Weekly Fitness class (kickboxing or some deal with a local gym)

·        Monthly gym membership

·        Shared room with comfortable beds (2 to a room) (limits isolation)

·        Clean bedding

·        Clean bath towels and bed linens

·        Monitored access to house computer

·        Wi-Fi

·        Cable TV

·        Computer lab

·        Full kitchen privileges outside of scheduled meals

·        Curfew (weekend extended)

·        Daily house chores

·        Dresser

·        Free washer & dryer usage (including detergent and softeners)

Please contact Rob Lohman for more details. 

Gratefully,  Rob Lohman

If you wish to do your own Matching Gift Campaign to help gather the necessary $100,000 funds to reach our goal, then please call Rob Lohman at 970-331-4469.

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