JPStone Ministries

JPStone Ministries

1-on-1 discipling, mentoring, and shepherding those inside and outside the body of Christ as God would lead.


1. To maintain a close walk with the Lord by being faithful to Him and His Word.

2. To be available to the people the Lord has given us to help and encourage.

3. To continue to help those in need.

4. To share the Lord with as many people as we can.


1. See the world and the people in it as Jesus sees it and them.

2. Do what we can and encourage those the Lord has given us to do the same.

3. Keep in touch with those who have the same vision and heart for the lost.

4. Maintain a clear vision on what is going on worldwide.


1. Make it a life goal to continue to look up and look out.

2. Make sure you don't make the mistake of taking things for granted.

3. Don't in any way buy in to the world's philosophy.

4. Make good use of your Time, Money and Strength. Your life TMS. We have only a limited amount of it.


Future Goals:

1. Long range discipling/mentoring.

2. Shepherding in current and future relationships.

3. Continued communication includes travel, email and phone visits.

Project Manager
Joe and Pat Stone

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