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Value Care is now 3 years old and has over 4,000 patients. Serving the most economically depressed area in Colorado Springs, Value Care is a much-needed integrated (primary care and behavioral health) clinic in a medical desert. At Value Care Health Clinic, our goal is to provide a true medical home for patients who live in an area where primary care services are scarce. We want patients to feel that they have a trusted partner when it comes to their health. Our location is key as some of our patients walk, ride a bike or take a short bus ride to our location.


Value Care Health Clinic opened its doors in December 2014 primarily to serve patients who are under-insured or have Medicaid/Medicare. Our mission is to be a primary care clinic practicing family medicine. We believe in caring for families and partnering with community health organizations to provide the best possible resources and care.

Our clinic works with a practice improvement coach to make sure we implement continuous quality improvement practices. We believe wholeheartedly in the team-based care collaborative approach to medicine and believe that building it from our onset will best serve our patients.

The team-based care approach at our clinic is focused on the entire family - we see children, teenagers and adults. We offer immunizations, well woman checks, well child checks as well as primary care to our patients. We are bilingual and serve as the medical home for many of our patients. Our vision is to empanel patients with the best providers and incorporate dental health.

A brief analysis of local indicator reports and needs assessments reveals significant geographic and demographic disparities related to access to services, care and safe environments. Other recurring themes negatively impacting health include: alarming statistics around mental health and obesity; the need for more community-driven, systemic approaches to addressing needs; and a struggling economy with rising poverty levels and stagnantly high unemployment rates.

The most recent American Community Survey (ACS) data show that 12.4% of people in EPC lived below the Federal Poverty Line (FPL) from 2009-2013, up from 11.1% in the 2006-2010 period and 8% in 2000. Also worth noting is that residents in EPC with an annual household income less than $25,000 have a startlingly high obesity rate of 36% compared to 21% at the county level.

Families living in poverty and the Hispanic community in EPC are geographically concentrated in Southeast Colorado Springs (SE CS) where 16 -- 42% of families live below the FPL and 21 -- 46% of the population is Hispanic. The neighborhoods in SE CS are geographically isolated, disparately served and inundated by negative indicators for health.

The 80916 zip code, specifically, has some particularly distressing statistics:

•26--50 % of families with income below FPL, including situational and generational poverty

•11--15% unemployment

•Coupled with neighboring 80910 where Value Care Health Clinic is located, highest enrollment in Medicaid and greatest ER utilization

•Extremely limited health services including zero primary care providers

•Disproportionately high incidence of youth violence

Data from the El Paso County Department of Human Services identify 80916 as a hot spot for violent crime and allegations of child abuse and neglect. This pattern of violence can be associated with high poverty, unemployment rates and the transient nature of residents in this area. In addition to being a leading cause of injury and disability, exposure to violence can exacerbate chronic illness, pain, heart disease, substance abuse, obesity and mental illness.

We humbly ask that you come alongside our clinic and help us support our mission of positively impacting social justice through health equity.

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Cory O Arcarese

Colorado Springs, US

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