SE Colorado Springs Project

SE Colorado Springs Project

The SE Colorado Springs Project was formed to provide a faith-based comprehensive economic development program which focuses on the social, educational and economic needs of the Southeast community of Colorado Springs. The goal is to empower individuals to realize their dreams and to achieve holistic community revitalization. Those who benefit from our organization are single parents with school-age children in Harrison School District 2, as well as a recently-released offender who is seeking employment opportunities, thereby reducing or eliminating the possibility of re-entry into the criminal justice system.

Most individuals in Southeast Colorado Springs who are entrepreneurial and want to start small businesses may not have a healthy credit rating, may lack business experience, or do not have a business plan. These limitations likely result in the denial of loans for these individuals. SE Colorado Springs Project has the ability to provide business plan support, fiscal management and researching capabilities, entrepreneurial training and follow-up, thus increasing the likelihood for loan approval for the Southeast residents who receive our services. SE Colorado Springs Project has a historical relationship with the Southeast due to our financial investment, various services provided to the residents over the years and our long-term commitment to remain and operate in the Southeast.

Serving and Working Together to Revitalize the Southeast Community of Colorado Springs.

SE Colorado Springs Project wants to be known for job creation and reduction in crime through investment in small businesses. We are committed to putting our Southeast residents back to work in jobs which not only provide for their families, but which bring an overall benefit to the entire community.

Project Manager
Benjamin Anderson and Cory Arcarese

Colorado Springs, US

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