Thrive Network

Thrive Network

To eliminate economic barriers by providing people in communities with tools to activate and launch their own success, primarily through entrepreneurship. We achieve this goal through teaching those within communities to see their problems as economic opportunities, and providing a framework to launch small businesses to address those needs.

The Thrive Network has created a program that develops the entrepreneurial talent in the Southeast Colorado Springs community, and by doing so, gives people the opportunity to change the narrative for their personal lives, as well as their community as a whole.

Our program, which emphasizes practice over academic theory, is geared to lead those with entrepreneurial grit into a process that ends with them leading their community through economic development, and providing examples of hope to those who have similar dreams and aspirations.

Our curriculum focuses on four areas: Creative Problem Solving and Discovery, Mentoring and Action Milestones, Sales and Marketing, and finally Operations and Development. We partner with the SBDC, Colorado Institute for Social Impact, Peak Startup, and others to provide access to complimentary training for our program to maximize our graduates' chances of success.

Project Manager
Taj Stokes

Colorado Springs, US

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